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About The School

 Our vision for Candler County Charter School System is for all students to meet or exceed Georgia Accountability measures, for the graduation rate to continuously improve, exceeding 90% and above, and for the system to perform on or above state averages in all subject areas.
 We will accomplish this vision with high expectations inclusive of acceleration opportunities, high impact literacy practices, multiple interventions, student, community and parent engagement and alignment from Pre-K-12.
 As a result of our success, we will attract high performing teachers and new business and industry, and our graduates will be prepared to continue post-secondary options and/or pursue gainful employment through a variety of CTAE (Career, Technology, and Agriculture Education) offerings and a broad based soft skills curriculum.Mission:To stimulate growth in student achievement by continuing efforts to advance the development of all stakeholders-students, parents, staff, and the community.

Belief/Commitment Statements:We believe and are committed to…
 Continuously improving the graduation rate;
 An aligned standards-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment that provides for extended learning opportunities for all students;
 Innovative learning opportunities in the areas of Fine Arts, CTAE (Career, Technology, Agriculture Education) offerings and Acceleration with emphasis on a broad based soft skills curriculum to enhance career opportunities for students;
 Effective teaching that energizes and maximizes active learning for all students;
 Significantly improving the literacy level of all students;
 Data driven collaborative decision making;
 Professional growth for all of our colleagues;
 Student, parent and community involvement to enhance learning.

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