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Principal's Corner

Ralph  Carlyle

Welcome to Metter Middle School!

Principal’s Message

I bring you greetings from the Metter Middle School family. It has truly been a blessing serving these students and this community as principal of Metter Middle School. We will remain focused and determined to become a Premier Middle School in the state of Georgia. I appreciate so much that you trust your children to us each and every day to make those lasting connections academically, physically, socially, and emotionally.

I expect ALL students to continue to press forward and be the best student at whatever endeavor he or she may face. That is a tall order, but it is not impossible if we keep the faith that he or she can do it! Metter Middle School has the right people in the right places to ensure that your children will receive a high quality education that is second to none in this area. We want to afford our students the opportunities and experiences to grow and receive exposure to things they may otherwise not have the opportunity to participate.   

I pray that you have a great year and take full advantage of the opportunities that are awaiting you in the coming year.

This handbook is designed to make you (parents and students) aware of the expectations, responsibilities, and privileges that you have as a student of this school. Please read all items carefully. Feel free to contact the counselor, a teacher, or an administrator for assistance.



Ralph Carlyle

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